Sonor Teardrop K180 Chicago Star 
Sonor Teardrop K180W (schwarz-weiß), 1964, 20"x14" / 13"x8" / 16"x15" 3-ply beechwood with rerings, incl. D421 snare, 6-ply beechwood, set of bongos 9"x7" / 7"x7", complete set of standard hardware.
Sonor Swinger K132
Sonor Swinger K132SE (türkis/satin blue), 1971, 20"x14" / 12"x8" / 13"x9" / 16"x16", 6-ply beechwood
Sonor Prolite
Sonor Prolite 20"x17,5" / 10"x8" / 12"x8" / 14"x14" / 16"x16" plus additional 18"x14" bassdrum (converted floortom), 3-ply vintage maple shells with rerings with matte Nussbaum veneer, started building up this drumset in 2013 – still growing!
Pearl Masters Premium Legend
Also a special one! I got it from Pete York, Mr. Superdrumming and masterdrummer of the Spencer Davis Group and many others. I'm really proud to own and play a set of such a legend. The sizes are 24"x14" / 12"x8" / 16"x16", 5,4 mm thin maple shells, with a fantastic "Shimmer Of Oz" lacquer finish, build ca. 2012
Pearl Session Elite SLX
This is the drumset I'm personally getting vintage with :-) 22"x16" / 10"x10" / 12"x10" / 14"x12" / 16"x14", 7-ply birch-/mahoganywood, 1992, initially lacquered in Pacific Blue, rewrapped in Delmar Black Sparkle. Great rockset!
DIY Traveller Drumset
This one is special! One of my vintagedrums came with a worn Chinese shellset. Altough it was a real crappy kit, I wasn't able to trash it. As my skills in wrapping and woodwork needed some improvement, I decided to use it as a training project. This is what happened!
16"x16" / 12"x5" / 13"x6" / 14"x5", packs in threes bags, with a total weight of 32 kg (incl. stands, pedals and seat). Fits into every car and is great for rehearsing or small acoustic gigs.
Work in Progress
There are still a few drums waiting to be finished, but as you know, haste makes waste…
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